Southside Volkswagen Vehicle Service

Volkswagen Roadside Assist Services & Cover

As a valued customer, you can be assured that wherever you travel within Australia, you will have access to roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is complimentary for the duration of the vehicle's original Volkswagen warranty period. You will receive help in the event of a breakdown or accident and, if required, your vehicle will be mobilised or transported to an authorised Volkswagen Dealer. As a Volkswagen owner you will also have access to the additional benefits of accommodation and car rental if your vehicle cannot be mobilied withi 24 hours, when you are over 100km away from home.


As you can see, when you buy a new Volkswagen it’s just the beginning. With Volkswagen Roadside Assistance we’re your wingman when you find yourself in emergency situations. An example of additional emergencies we cover are: flat batteries, emergency fuel, flat tyres, lost or locked keys, bogged vehicle, taxi, car rental and legal advice.


For more details download our Terms & Conditions or contact us.


If you need assistance this very moment, no matter where you are in Australia or what time of day it is, call us free on 1800 637 181