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Volkswagen Commercial Fleet Specialists

At Southside Volkswagen we we are here to make your fleet buying process simple and hassle free.

We make it easy with:

  • Vehicle customisation -  if you need a mine specification vehicle, a customised build or vehicle sign writing we can assist you
  • Experienced and friendly sales team
  • No size restrictions – whether you have 1 or 1,000 vehicles you can benefit from our sales discounts
  • Tailored tax smart finance plans
  • New car warranty – 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty
  • Servicing and maintenance – we will set a servicing and maintenance plan for your fleet

Business, National or Government fleet?

Business, National or Government fleet?

Business Fleet

To quality for a business fleet account, you must have between six and thirty vehicles in you total. If you're a subsidiary of a listed Business Fleet Company (50% owned), the you also qualify.

Business, National or Government fleet?

National Fleet

To enjoy the benefits of a national fleet, your business must be made up of over thirty one vehicles. If you're a subsidiary of a listed National Fleet Company (50% owned), then you also quality. Or, if you purchase five or more vehicles in a single transaction, that also counts.

Business, National or Government fleet?

Government and Semi-Government

All Commonwealth, State and Local Government departments are eligible, as are semi-government bodies that are least 50% government funded or approved by a Corporate Business Manager, such as: charities; public and private health facilities, and Emergency Service Organisations or Educational Institutions etc.

Why choose a Volkswagen for your fleet?

Why choose a Volkswagen for your fleet?


A strong safety record

Safety is a big factor in fleet purchasing. When the wellbeing of your employees is on the line, only the best will do. That's why you'll be happy to know, we've packed all our vehicles with a full range of state-of-the-art safety and technology. And with our strong record of high ANCAP ratings, the proof is in the pudding.

Why choose a Volkswagen for your fleet?


Comfort your drivers

Volkswagen vehicles are built for the driver. With driver-centric technology making every drive more comfortable and convenient, your people will be well looked after. To understand the raft of innovations that makes this possible follow the link below.

Why choose a Volkswagen for your fleet?

Aftersales Support

We'll always be ready to help

It’s important to us that your fleet continues to operate seamlessly once it’s up and running. That’s why we offer dedicated fleet support, along with a team of specialists to help manage any changes in your needs.

Why choose a Volkswagen for your fleet?

Volkswagen Finance and Insurance

Ways to buy

Our Financing team are experts in setting up financial arrangements to help structure the right terms for you and your business.